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Growth During Challenge

This year has been a challenging one for everyone, to say the least. For parents, children, teachers (which I am), seniors, this year has brought grief, separation, doubt, and severe bouts of fear and anxiety.

While I can relate to all of the above, as a business owner, there is a different dynamic. Many business owners have a business doing what they love. It's how they make thier living. While this can be a joy in up times, during a pandemic it may seem dire as all efforts rest with you. Then the decision comes whether to keep moving forward or let it all go...along with the stress.

I had that thought. Just let it all go. The loss of my sister and business partner seemed more than I could bear. However, for all the challenges (and my excuses to give up) there have been opportunities for growth in my personal and business life. Having received Covid Relief Funds from various resources, local and national, and encouragement from personal friends and business leaders, I am happy to announce our new location and collaboration with St Anslem Church. Our vocational school, Sew N Love has a new location @ 6042 S Indiana, and will be ready for in person and zoom classes just in time for holidays. So let your challenges move you forward and let your network help you through it.

You will come out shinier than you thought possible.

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