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My Crafty Table Sewing and Crafts

We believe when people feel successful, they feel good about themselves.

When they feel good about themselves, they perform better in school and life.

When they do well in school they become productive citizens.  We use sewing to help people relieve stress, generate extra income, and gain a valuable life skill.

Our goal is to share the gift of sewing 1 stitch at a time.



Our mission is to be a leading provider for instructional textile and sewing technology skills through real world applications that expose youth, teens, and adults to a variety of visual and creative art genres

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Our vision is to equip youth, teens and adults with the technical and entrepreneurial sewing and biz skills that prepare them for employment and business ownership in the fashion, manufacturing, and textile industries. “Give a child a fish he eats for a day. Teach a child to fish he eats for a lifetime.”

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