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Pleased to meet you!

I'm Felicia and I am the owner, lead instructor, and Performance Project Coordinator for My Crafty Table Sewing and Crafts. I currently serve as Learning Behavior Specialist for Chicago Public Schools  with 24 years in the teaching field educating students with disabilities.  I have a passion for sewing and hands on projects that facility performance based learning activities in literacy, math, science, and technology for students. 


I find that students become more engaged in learning, retain more information, better articulate their learning, and exhibit an improved positive attitude about themselves and towards their peers. My Crafty Table Sewing and Crafts evolved from these noticeable benefits in the classroom.  I wanted to provide the same learning experiences for all students who struggle in class. I'm living proof that sewing and crafting activities provides emotional wellness benefits and performance based learning that reinforce school skills by providing real world application opportunities.


My Crafty Table serves youth and teens,  as well as young adults, and adults  looking for vocational skills and entrepreneurial education.


My Purpose

IMAGINE something. CREATE a plan. DO what it takes to make it reality.

My Crafty Table Sewing and Crafts is a sewing company teaching youth, teens, and young adults how to use math skills to sew. All of our projects are connected to national learning standards and offers a wide range of opportunities for all ability levels. We are a small, friendly, relaxed setting which is what we find allows children (and adults) to have the courage to explore, make mistakes, and discover their talents.

We currently offer classes teaching quilting, hand sewing, and beginner to intermediate projects for home sew-ists. Students learn to apply geometry, shape and pattern recognition, measuring, eye/ hand coordination, following written directions, adding and subtracting fractions, and problem solving to create a variety of products using basic fabrics and materials.

Once students master basic hand and/or machine sewing skills, they will learn to design and manufacture a variety of accessories, apparel, home goods, and more. We are always SEW EXCITED to meet our goal of teaching the community to sew 1 stitch at a time.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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