SEWING IS CHEAPER THAN THERAPY(and no side effects!)

June 1, 2017

This article from the Fox Business Website  prompted me to write this post.


Stress can be fatal and effects people of all ages and from all walks of life. Mental health is being impacted by every day challenges of life for many it can get to a point of no return-depression. Consider LEARNING TO SEW CLASSES for yourself or others that are suffering silently.


Sewing has been known to reduce stress because it allows you to shift from those thoughts at home, work, or school that may be weighing heavy on your emotions and spirit to positive thoughts (or at least away from the negative thoughts). While learning to sew may be a little stressful at 1st for some people, which may be the case with learning any new skill, the learning process for sewing allows you to release stress as you become more proficient.  The stress of learning a new skill is not the same as a stress induced by others which we may not be able to escape immediately or control.


Repetition, as in yoga or meditation, also relieves stress. Hand sewing is repetitious. You can use any stitch of your choice, a needle, and thread and (depending on your eye sight) a needle threader. Many simple projects can be sewn by hand in less than an hour. Our ancestors used hand sewing to make beautiful quilts for family members for cold winters. This was a social activity as well as a bonding time for the women and girls in the community. Something we could use a little bit more of today!


Simple stitches such as running stitch, basting stitch, back stitch, overcast stitch, slip stitch, and blind hem stitch, to name a few, can be used to make small items such as pin cushions, dolls, pillows, and teddy bears. If you have enough patience, you can develop the same skills of our fore mothers, and create beautiful keepsake quilts, toys and accessories while improving your emotional and spiritual health by releasing stress through the hand work that stimulates your brain activity into positive thoughts. You may even start to make some extra cash when your friends and family see how good you are!


Another reason you start to feel relaxed is because when we are being creative our spirit is elevated due to the cosmic and God forces that come into our presence when we are "creating." There are certain brain cells and nuerological aspects of our body that respond to the eye and hand coordination and problem solving steps required in sewing. We start to focus on how to fit pieces together until they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and when you find that right combination there is additional positive energy generated by the feeling of satisfaction when we say "I DID THAT!"


If you take the time to get the hang of hand stitching, you can move into hand embroidery stitching using floss and other decorative threads. Not only does the process of hand sewing allow you to release tension, making things for others can be very gratifying also. So when picking your next project make an extra one to give as a gift to a family member or friend. There are lots of sewing and craft projects to choose from on our My Crafty Table Pintrest Board. Check out our pins


So next time you want to poke someone's eye out- Thread the EYE OF A NEEDLE and STITCH AWAY THE STRESS!  


Join Us! Every 3rd Saturday of the Month at Bethany Union Church 1750 W 103rd St, Chicago, Illinois 60643 to SIP N STITCH and DE-STRESS with our crafty community! It's always free and refreshments and materials are provided!


Visit our website for upcoming workshops and small group and private lessons. For more information contact Felicia @ 773-710-0660 Like our Facebook Page




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