This interactive sewing class uses quilt blocks to introduce and reinforce common core skills applicable to fraction standards and performance based objectives.


This class is designed for elementary students entering 3rd,4th, or 5th grade. Students will learn hand and some machine sewing, while learning and

applying necessary skills to develop spatial discrimation, shape recognition,

adding fractions, and parts of a whole.


Classes meet 1 time per week on Monday or Tuesday at the time set by the

instructor and parents. Class size is limited to 6 students for 5th grade and 4 students for 3 and 4th graders.


Price includes materials for each lesson. Each student leaves with a make and take project completed in class. Completion of projects are based on

acclamation of skill and speed of individual student.

Sew This Is Steam Math

  • Payments are due 48 hours prior to class meeting date to ensure supplies are available for each student. Price includes all materials for one lesson. Students will have a make and take project based on how quickly they progress to complete the skills taught in each class. There are no refunds for projects not completed within the alloted class time. Class times may be rescheduled within the month if a session is missed if there is room in another class. Payments are forfeited 30 days after initial payment. There are no refunds for late arrival to class. All classes begin and end on time.

  • Payment of this invoice secures 1 seat for 1 session on a 1st come 1st served basis. Please be sure of your availability prior to registration.

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