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I learned to sew in Vacation Bible School at my church when I was in 7th grade. I made my first pair of overalls and was on top of the world.  That began my love of sewing and all things crafty. Today I work as a special education teacher while teaching crafting and sewing as a supplemental educational program. I have two children (1 in college and 1 in 8th grade) and when I'm not working  or sewing I help my husband at his sports training facility.


My Crafty Table is a sewing and craft café that teaches children how to apply math skills to sewing and crafting.  All of our projects are connected to national learning standards and offers a wide range of opportunities for all ability levels for kids 8 years old and up. Café implies a small, friendly, relaxed setting which is what we find allows children to have the courage to explore, make mistakes, and discover their talents.


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My Crafty Table is a local small business catering to children and adults looking for affordable classes.

We currently offer classes teaching quilt making with bandanas. Bandanas are inexpensive and offer a wide variety of patterns thus making it affordable for everyone.  Students will learn to apply geometry, shape recognition, measuring, pattern recognition, eye hand coordination, following written directions, adding and subtracting fractions, and problem solving to create a variety of products mainly using bandanas along with other fabrics and materials. Once students master basic hand and/or machine sewing skills, they will learn to design and manufacture quilts, curtains, pillows, purses, tote bags, back packs, and more.


While we offer crafting classes, we emphasize sewing skills because it requires technical skills linked directly to problem solving, prediction, and some science skills. Sewing encourages creativity, individuality, and discipline. By learning to sew students ultimately learn to design by default.  They learn to use color, patterns, shapes, and more to create something original. Then they graduate into the Designer Studio! All classes take place at Bethany Union Church in the Beverly neighborhood.

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